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Breast Lift

Transform sagging breasts into perkier, higher placed breasts for a more youthful appearance.

Aging, pregnancy, and significant weight loss or gain can take an unfortunate toll on a woman’s breasts. Over time, skin begins to lose its elasticity which can cause breasts to droop or sag. Women with overly large breasts may experience further sagging than others, giving their breasts a pendulous appearance. Breasts may also lose their volume due to natural aging, pregnancy or significant weight loss, which can cause sagging appearance.  With a breast lift performed at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, women can once again have the perky, higher placed breasts of their youth.

Breast Lift Surgery In Gainesville, FL

A breast lift, or mastopexy, surgery is most commonly recommended for women who experience a sagging in their breasts or who have large areolas and very little fullness to the top of their breasts. Both of these experiences can make it difficult for women to find proper fitting bras and tops that provide adequate support. And too many women experience embarrassment over the way their breasts hang, both with and without clothing.

Breast lift surgery is a permanent way to lift a patient’s breasts by removing excess skin and tissue. It is not a breast reduction, so the patient’s breast will not become smaller. Rather, the excess skin that allows the breasts to droop so dramatically, or even become pendulous, is removed, allowing the doctor to pull the breasts upward. This can create a perkier breast with a natural profile. Breast lifts only change the way in which a breast sits. Fullness, firmness and sizing of the breast are not affected. However, it is possible to have multiple procedures performed at the same time in order to increase fullness, size and firmness.

Types Of Breast Lift Procedures

There are three main types of breast lift procedures in which Dr. Brad Nesmith specializes. If you are unsure which type of breast lift will provide you with your ideal results, contact our Gainesville office to arrange a consultation. Because each patient’s body type and breast shape are different, it may be necessary to sit down with the doctor in order to determine the best course of action.

The types of breast lift procedures vary depending on the severity of sagging of the breast, also known as ptosis.

  • Patients with a low level of ptosis, or minimal sagging, require the least amount of lift. Small incisions are made around the areola and minimal tissue is removed. The breast skin is then cinched in order to tighten the skin. This type of mastopexy, Circumareolar Lift, is commonly called the Donut Lift because incisions are made only around the areola. The Donut Lift is best suited for women with smaller breasts and minimal sagging.
  • A Lollipop Lift is so named because it involves circular incisions around the areolas as well as vertical incisions from the nipples to the creases under the breasts. This is also known as a Vertical Mastopexy because of the vertical incisions required, and it is the most common type of breast lift procedure performed.
  • For patients with severely drooping or pendulous breasts, a more invasive type of breast lift surgery is needed. An Anchor Lift uses the same incisions as the Lollipop Lift, but adds an incisions along both creases under the breasts.

What To Expect With A Breast Lift Procedure

At Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center, we require that patients meet with Dr. Richard Nesmith or Dr. Brad Nesmith during a consultation so that a patient’s expectations can be met more effectively. By listening to each patient, the doctor can determine which type of breast lift surgery will provide the desired outcome.

Recovery Time

Breast lift surgeries are a same-day, outpatient procedure in which after an evaluation period is over, the patient may leave the plastic surgery center. However, patients should not drive within 24 hours of the procedure, and they should spend copious amounts of time lying down with full back, neck and arm support. Discomfort is usual for the first week after surgery, and patients usually return to work after 5-7 days. Strenuous exercise is prohibited during the first two months after surgery to ensure proper healing. Within a year, scars will diminish.

Although the surgery is completed in one day, it is a big change to a patient’s body, so it is best not to rush recovery times. Some patients may experience increased recovery times, and that is normal. If you experience any excessive pain or swelling, contact our office immediately.

Breast Lift in Gainesville, FL

Additional Procedures

For some patients, a breast lift may just be the first step toward a breast makeover. Because a breast lift cannot increase the fullness of the top of breasts, or the size of breasts, augmentation is often performed at the same time for patients who want fuller, larger breasts. Implants and fat transfers may be performed based on the size and shape of the patient’s desired breast. A breast reduction may also be performed for patients who have overly large breasts and wish to decrease the size while lifting and firming their breasts. Nipple repair to correct asymmetrical nipples can also be performed at this time.

If Dr. Richard Nesmith or Dr. Brad Nesmith determine an additional procedure is right for you, you may experience a longer recovery time or an increase in bruising or swelling than is usually associated with a breast lift. The specifics of these additional procedures will be discussed during a consultation.

At Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of Gainesville, we want every patient to be 100 percent satisfied. That is why we place such an importance on the consultation process. Multiple surgeries can place a lot of stress on a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, so if you think you might be a good candidate for a breast lift or any additional breast augmentation procedures, contact our Gainesville plastic surgery office. We want to help you achieve your perfect look.

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