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Mole Removal

Removal of Moles & Skin Lesions

There has never been a better time to take the leap to remove unsightly facial moles. At Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center, we make the mole removal process simple and efficient.

Facial mole removal is a very common procedure. Many positive reasons exist as to why this procedure is worthwhile. While some may consider a facial mole to be a beauty spot, others find the mole to be unsightly and a mar on traditional beauty, especially if the mole is raised or asymmetrical.

Removing a facial mole can increase self-esteem and leave your face unmarred by the unfortunate bump. Men have the added advantage of no longer painfully nicking the mole while shaving. With Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, facial moles no longer need to be uncomfortable or unattractive.

Having a Mole Removed

For the actual procedure, Dr. Nesmith will clean and sterilize the injection site. Once cleaned, the area is given a local anesthetic that will numb the area. After the area is numb, the mole is either shaved off, cauterize, or cut out depending on the type of mole.

  • When a mole is “shaved,” it is removed with a scalpel. After removal, the area is cauterized to stop bleeding.
  • If a mole is “cut,” a blade is used to remove the surrounding area and the mole itself. Dr. Nesmith will use stitches after the procedure.
  • Should a mole be “cauterized,” it is simply burned with the cautery tool.

Depending on the type and size of your mole, Dr. Nesmith will discuss your options prior to the Gainesville plastic surgeryprocedure during a consultation. We’ll take time to educate you on the procedure.

Recovery Time

After the mole removal procedure, the recovery process is relatively simple. Dr. Nesmith will walk you through the process. Make certain to keep the area clean to help prevent infection and promote healing. Further, the area should be kept free of trauma. Decrease any possible strain on the area.

If stitches were used, they are typically removed after four to seven days. The length of time the stitches remain depends upon the type of stitches and the location of the mole removal. Dr. Nesmith will provide you with any and all information necessary to make your recovery as simple as possible.

Should you receive facial mole removal plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, you should be well aware of any possible side effects of the procedures. In rare cases, excessive bleeding may occur. Should you experience excessive bleeding or discharge you should immediately call your doctor. If you maintain a fever of higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, call your doctor.

Mole Removal in Gainesville, FL

Several disadvantages exist regarding facial mole removal so it is wise to check with a plastic surgeon prior to making the leap. The Gainesville plastic surgeons at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center will give you the education needed to make the right decision about your mole removal. Disadvantages may include allergies to the anesthetic and exposure to potential infections, but both of these risks are rare. Most serious risk is the potential for nerve damage; however, Dr. Nesmith is an experienced cosmetic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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There are many options for plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, but only the professionals at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center take your facial mole removal as seriously as you. After weighing the pros and cons of this simple procedure, talk to Dr. Nesmith during a consultation. The time is perfect for you to consider a flawless face.

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