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Scar Revision Surgery

An unsightly scar can make anyone feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. If you are troubled by the appearance of a scar, you may want to consider scar revision surgery at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center, a leader in Gainesville plastic surgery. We pride ourselves on our commitment to personalized care for every patient and we can help you regain your self-confidence and poise.

What to Expect

After an injury, such as an accident, or surgery, injured skin forms scar tissue as it heals. How the scar forms depends on many factors, such as the depth and size of the wound, age, general health, and skin condition and type.

With scar revision surgery, the plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL, will remove the excess scar tissue, possibly repositioning the scar to make it less noticeable and then suture the area to create a thinner, less obvious scar. Scar revision surgery can be done under local anesthesia, leaving you awake and aware during the procedure; or it can be done under general anesthesia leaving you deeply asleep for the surgery.

The optimal timing of scar surgery after an accident or injury is not always easy to determine. Scars do diminish as they age, becoming less noticeable. However, some scars are best operated on 60 to 90 days after the injury has completely healed. Every scar is unique, and board certified Gainesville plastic surgeons like Dr. Nesmith are qualified to make an informed judgment on your individual case.

Scars with Potential for Improvement

There are many options for Gainesville plastic surgery scar revision. Many kinds of scars can benefit from scar revision surgery. Keloid scars are a good candidate for this procedure. Thicker and different in color and texture from the surrounding skin, they may extend beyond the edges of a wound, looking thick and puckered. Other thickened, or hypertrophic scars, scars that occur at an angle to the naturally occurring tension lines in the skin, and scars that interfere with the performance of normal movements all have great potential for improvement with scar revision surgery.

Scar Revision Surgery Recovery

Recovery time depends on the type of scar and surgery. Pressure dressing after keloid scar revision is common to prevent recurrence, and a light bandage will most likely be used in other types of revision surgery. Usually stitches are removed three or four days after surgery on the face, and five to seven days after revision on the rest of the body. Dr. Nesmith, prominent among Gainesville plastic surgeons, will likely recommend that you avoid any activities that pull at or put pressure on the healing scar.

Results of Scar Revision

You can expect a smaller, less noticeable scar with scar revision plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL. Other benefits of scar revision surgery are improved appearance and comfort, and possible improvement in range of motion for scars that interfere with normal movements.

Risks / Side Effects of Scar Revision Procedure

There are risks with any kind of surgery including allergic reactions to anesthesia, breathing problems, blood clots, and infection. Risks specific to scar revision surgery are scar recurrence, separation of the wound, and keloid scarring (or the recurrence of keloid scars). Exposure to sunlight may cause a scar to darken. Your risk of complications during surgery are greatly reduced by choosing a board certified cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Nesmith for plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL.

Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, FL

The Nesmith Plastic Surgery center has a reputation for individualized patient care among plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL. We can provide the personalized care you need to regain your self-confidence and look your best. Please contact us today and our staff will be happy to schedule a consultation.

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