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Short Scar Facelift

Baby Boomer Facelift / Limited-Incision Facelift / S-Lift Plastic Surgery

As you can see, the short scar facelift is known by many different names, but one thing holds true no matter what you call it — the short scar facelift is a procedure that restores youthful looks.

If you want plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, contact the Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation and learn how a short scar facelift and rejuvenate your appearance.

What Is Short Scar Facelift?

Our plastic surgeons work on parts of the face that look aged. The facelift removes deep wrinkles between the cheeks and the upper lip. It also reduces the amount of loose skin on the chin and cheek. Dr. Nesmith performs the procedure by making an incision in the hair above the ear. The scar then naturally extends down the crease located in front of the ear and then stops at the base of the ear. We then lift the skin and separate it from the fat and other underlying tissue. We remove the fat around the chin and the neck to form better contours. We then smooth the cheeks and midface, pull back the skin, tighten it, remove the excess skin and then restore it. Dr. Nesmith, an experienced and qualified plastic surgeons, says the procedure lasts from between two to three hours.

Short Scar Facelift Vs. Classic Facelift

A short scar facelift earned its moniker from the use of a shorter incision. With a classic facelift, the incision encircles the ear but the incision for a short scar facelift stops near the earlobe. Short scar facelifts also address issues in the underlying skin and muscle layers. Dr. Nesmith uses sutures to provide support for the underlying layer of muscle which helps lift a sagging jawline and other tissues.

Classic facelifts generally lift drooping skin that is prominent with advanced skin laxity, especially in the neck area. The skin is moved upward at an angle to create a defined jawline and increase cheek volume. Depending on your concerns and needs, Dr. Nesmith will realign underlying muscle and tissues to restore a more youthful appearance.

Recovery For A Short Scar Facelift

After face surgery, individuals may be up in a day or two but must be gentle on their skin since the skin will still be numb and sensitive. Avoid strenuous activities (at least two weeks), alcohol, steam baths and saunas for several months. Get plenty of rest while healing.

Risks Associated With The Procedure

All types of plastic surgery can have complications. It’s important to meet with Dr. Nesmith during a consultation and be completely honest about why you want a facelift and your expectations. Doing so can help reduce risks of the procedure while also limiting possible side effects.

  • Pain: Painkillers are generally prescribed, however, any severe pain should be reported to Dr. Nesmith immediately.
  • Scarring: Scars will remain red for a few weeks after surgery but blend with the skin eventually. Most of the scarring remains hidden in the hairline, so, unsightly scars are generally not a problem.
  • Bruising: Bruising is usual. The region around the eyes is generally affected the most, but the majority of the bruising will disappear within a few weeks.
  • Swelling:There will be moderate swelling following the procedure, but most swelling will subside within a few weeks.

S Lift Consultation

Before any short scar facelift, Dr. Nesmith meets with each patient for a comprehensive consultation. The goal of the consultation is to make sure an S lift is the appropriate procedure to correct your cosmetic concerns. During the consultation, expect to discuss your:

  • Full medical history;
  • Current medications, supplements, and vitamins; and
  • Alcohol and tobacco use.

Dr. Nesmith will evaluate the structure of your face and neck, including skin elasticity and volume and muscle tone. The surgical techniques used along with the risks and benefits are also discussed during the consultation. Feel free to bring photos and information of what you want the results to look like. You and Dr. Nesmith will use the consultation to create a custom surgery plan to achieve your desired S lift results. To schedule a consultation for a short scar facelift in Gainesville, FL, contact Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center today.

Ideal Candidates For Short Scar Facelift

Age is not the only baseline for this procedure. Other things are taken into account when considering whether to have a short scar facelift at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center.

  • Goal oriented towards a positive outcome
  • Good overall health, emotionally secure and stable
  • Understand the limits of the procedure
  • Understand the risks involved
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Understand life choices one has to take to maintain the outcome

Advantages Of Getting A Short Scar Facelift

When patients undergo plastic surgery, they can enjoy certain benefits:

  • Short scar facelift employs incisions that run from the hairline at the top of the ear, goes down in front of the ear and ends at its base, while incisions for a regular facelift starts in the hairline, then run around into or along the hairline around the ear.
  • Recovery time for the short scar face procedure is considerably less than a regular facelift. Some plastic surgeons term it the “weekend” facelifts since surgery time is short.
  • A regular facelift removes loose skin and tightens tissues over a large area while the short scar facelift is ideal for persons with a localized problem such as deep wrinkles between the corners of the mouth and the nose.
  • A short scar facelift is less expensive compared to a regular facelift due to the difference in the procedures.

If you’re ready to reclaim your youthfulness, reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles and smooth your skin, then contact Dr. Nesmith at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center today.

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