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What Is Umbilicoplasty?

Many people state that they want their belly button (or umbilicus) to be shaped evenly. To help patients accomplish this objective, plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL, rely on umbilicoplasty. The surgery is primarily concerned with converting a belly button that sticks out ("outie") into one in which the belly button is within a hole ("innie"). In general, this surgery can be completed on patients who are undergoing tummy tucks. However, many individuals wish to optimize the shape and size of their navels without undergoing other surgeries. The surgery can be completed with the use of local anesthesia. The anesthesia numbs the affected region and is combined with a sedative that will make you drowsy. This means that you will remain awake for the procedure but experience minimal discomfort.

Types Of Conditions That Can Be Corrected With Umbilicoplasty

Umbilicoplasty can correct several conditions, including loose skin and stretch marks found within a few inches of the belly button. Additionally, the procedure can correct belly button deformities such as "outies." Typically, belly button deformities transpire after birth. When the umbilical cord becomes dry, a tiny opening remains in the abdominal wall. If the muscles do not close around the opening, the end result is an umbilical hernia. Typically, the opening becomes noticeable within a few weeks of the infant being separated from the cord.

Benefits of Umbilicoplasty

The primary benefit of an umbilicoplasty is aesthetic. People want to feel good about the way their belly buttons look, and this surgery helps make that happen.

While the procedure has aesthetic benefits, there are also drawbacks. Specifically, the level of pain can lead some individuals to feel the need to take painkillers. Additionally, patients can experience swelling and bruising after the procedure.

Umbilicoplasty Risks & Side Effects

One of the biggest risks of umbilicoplasty is infection. Additionally, there is a chance that the patient will experience a reaction to the anesthesia. In some cases, fluid or blood collects beneath the skin during the procedure. And in some instances, the procedure makes the belly button appear lopsided, thereby necessitating corrective surgery.

Recovery Time After Surgery

Generally, recovery time will take a week, perhaps longer. However, most people can return to light activities at work, school, and/or in the home the day after the umbilicoplasty. Aplastic surgeon in Gainesville, FL, will provide you with ongoing support throughout this period to ensure that the recovery process is being actualized in a safe, optimal manner.

Ideal Candidates for Umbilicoplasty

Before you begin looking for a Gainesville plastic surgery professional for umbilicoplasty services, it's important to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. The ideal candidates for this procedure are those who have repaired or existing umbilical hernias. They can also be used as treatment for unacceptable results after an abdominoplasty.

Find the Right Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

If you're looking for a team ofGainesville plastic surgeons who can provide you with the excellent umbilicoplasty services you deserve, you should set your sights on Dr. Nesmith of Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville. Dr. Nesmith has extensive education and experience in the plastic surgery field, and he is passionate about providing clients with the customized, cutting-edge services they need to look and feel their very best. Contact our office more to obtain the best plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL.

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