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Benefits of a Gainesville Tummy Tuck

In most cases, a tummy tuck results in a flatter, firmer abdominal contour that is proportionate with the patient’s weight. This procedure can correct some of the effects of aging, heredity, pregnancy, prior surgeries or weight fluctuations to achieve a slimmer profile that can boost self-confidence. The best results are seen following proper aftercare of the healing tissue and with a long-term commitment to healthy weight control.

During an initial consultation, patients discuss their goals, concerns and expectations with their plastic surgeons in Gainesville, FL. Together and based on factors such as the patients’ underlying anatomies, location and amount of extra skin, clothing preferences and scar-related concerns, they choose one of several variations of the tummy tuck procedure. These include standard or full tummy tucks, extended tucks, no-drain tucks and mini tummy tucks. The latter is the most appropriate when the patient’s main concern is loose skin and/or a “pooch” exclusively below the belly button.

Ideal Candidates for a Mini Tummy Tuck

As with any type of plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, a patient’s decision to have a tummy tuck is personal and can stem from a variety of reasons. Ideal candidates for a mini tummy tuck are physically healthy nonsmokers at or near their ideal body weight who have realistic expectations about what Gainesville plastic surgerycan achieve for them. Mini tummy tucks are popular among men and women alike. If any of the following describe your case, a Gainesville tummy tuck is an option to consider:

  • You feel that your belly “sticks out” even when you are in good shape.
  • Diet and exercise have helped you lose weight, but your abdomen still protrudes and lacks tone.
  • After significant weight loss, you now have loose excess skin hanging around your abdomen.
  • Your abdominal muscles and skin are stretched and sagging after pregnancy.

Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

First, medication is administered in the form of general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. A mini tummy tuck requires a single horizontal incision made above the pubic mound, through which the surgeon removes excess skin and/or fat and tightens loose muscles to flatten the area. In some cases, liposuction techniques may be used to sculpt the abdomen into the desired shape. At the end of the procedure, the surgeon pulls down the remaining skin and sutures the incisions.

Recovery & Maintenance

Most mini tummy tucks can be performed as outpatient procedures, allowing you to go home on the day of the surgery. However, expect some soreness and discomfort for the first week or two. Gainesville plastic surgeonswill give you instructions for post-op care tailored to the specifics of your case. Generally, patients are required to spend the first few days at home resting, although some walking around the house is encouraged to maintain healthy circulation. Drains may be temporarily placed in the incisions to help remove fluid. Depending on how physically demanding your job is, you may be instructed to wait two weeks to a month before returning to it. Patients who undergo post-pregnancy tummy tuck surgery will need full-time help taking care of small children. Refrain from lifting and straining, for they could stretch the incision and possibly lead to swelling and bleeding. Although the improvements made during a tummy tuck are meant to last, future pregnancies, weight gain or aging can affect these results.

Gainesville Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Nesmith and his staff are trained to ensure every patient receives the highest quality medical care with a personal touch. Our goal is to help patients achieve their ideal image and improve their self-confidence. If you are considering a mini tummy tuck in Gainesville, contact Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation with our surgeons.

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