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Millions of people undergo plastic surgery procedures every year to achieve a desired look or to address a health concern. Though there are several options in Gainesville, FL plastic surgery, the staff at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center have given patients quality care and results for many years. Whether it's a surgical or non-surgical procedure, we're dedicated to helping our patients achieve their desired look through up-to-date techniques, procedures, and education.

How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon

As with any surgery, you want to choose a plastic surgeon who is qualified, experienced, and professional to ensure your safety and the final results you seek.  

Pick A Surgeon Who Shares Your Aesthetic Sense

Look at the before and after photos of the surgeon’s patients who’ve had plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL. Do the results reflect your desired outcome? Remember to account for consistent results for any procedure you’re considering when looking at the before and after photos of other patients. Plastic surgeons can specialize in certain procedures and should have significant experience in these areas.

Make Sure The Surgeon Is Board Certified

A Gainesville plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) will have successfully completed several years of general surgery and a residency in plastic surgery. They will have followed up this with at least two years of professional practice and have successfully passed exams given by the ABPS. All this means your surgeon will have specific and extensive training as a plastic surgeon.

Consider How The Surgeon & Staff Make You Feel

A good plastic surgeon goes beyond qualifications and results. You’ll want to choose one who answers all your questions in a professional and detailed manner, explaining information you’re unclear on. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to search out another plastic surgeon. It’s important to feel comfortable throughout the consultation process with the surgeon and their staff because of the sensitive nature of undergoing a procedure.

Stats On Plastic Surgery

More than 17 million people underwent surgical and minimally-invasive procedures in 2016, with 15.5 million people seeking a minimally-invasive procedure.

The top five surgical procedures were:

  • Breast augmentation – 290,467
  • Liposuction – 235,237
  • Nose reshaping – 223,018
  • Eyelid surgery – 209,020
  • Facelifts – 131,106

The top five minimally-invasive procedures were:

  • Botox – 7 million
  • Soft tissue fillers – 2.6 million
  • Chemical peel – 1.36 million
  • Laser hair removal – 1.1 million
  • Microdermabrasion – 775,000

Common Gainesville Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Nesmith performs these common plastic surgery procedures and many more. Contact Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation!

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances or changes the shape, size, and placement of a woman’s breasts. This common procedure boosts the confidence and comfort of patients. There are different implants and current techniques that Dr. Nesmith uses in a Gainesville breast surgery to give a patient the results they desire.

Nose Surgery

The size and/or shape of a person’s nose can leave them unhappy with its appearance and how it complements the rest of their face. For others, breathing difficulties go beyond annoyance and create an issue impacting their entire life. One of the most common Gainesville plastic surgery procedures and nationwide, nose surgery can improve appearance and breathing-related issues.


Men and women alike seek out liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits throughout their bodies. Dr. Nesmith uses liposuction in Gainesville to remove fat from small and large areas, such as in the chin, neck, and thighs. He will discuss with you the areas of your body you would like to focus liposuction on and how the procedure will work.

Eyelid Surgery

Whether it’s because of aging or genetics, hooded eyelids and wrinkles around your eyes can draw attention away from the eyes. Eyelid surgery uses techniques that restore unobstructed vision caused by hooded eyelids and wrinkles over time. This procedure restores a youthful appearance around your eyes, allowing them to be the center of attention again.


A facelift can instantly make a patient appear years younger beyond their facial features. This procedure nullifies sagging skin, creases below the eyes, nose, and corners of your mouth. Fat pockets which become more prominent with age are removed. For patients seeking improvement around their jaw line, a short scar facelift may be an option.

Choose Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center

Whether you choose a Gainesville plastic surgery procedure to address a health issue or to improve your self-confidence, Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center is dedicated to giving you the results you desire. Backed by board certification and many years of practice experience, Dr. Nesmith listens to patients questions and concerns, explaining the procedure they seek to give them a first-class experience every time. To learn more about surgical and non-surgical procedures for men and women, contact our office today!

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