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Tuberous Breast Syndrome Treatment

Common Symptoms Associated with Tuberous Breast Syndrome

The symptoms women with tuberous breast deformity have varies in severity. Many women may not even realize that the appearance of their breasts is the result of a condition, but instead think their breasts merely have a strange appearance. The most common indications are:

  • Narrow, tube-shaped breasts
  • Puffy and oversized areolas
  • Widely spaced breasts
  • Tight or absent inflammatory fold (causing a lack of skin on the lower half of the breast)
  • Breast tissue forcing areola and nipple to project
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Tuberous Breast Surgery Treatment Options

The treatment process patients with tubular breasts undergo will be dependent on the severity of their condition. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to determine which form of treatment is necessary. The optimal goal for Gainesville plastic surgeons is to expand the lower breast tissue, balance the size and shape between breasts, reduce the size of the areola, lower the inframammary fold and create a natural breast shape.

Mild Cases of Tuberous Breast Deformity

Many people believe tuberous breast syndrome can be corrected with traditional breast augmentation or breast implants. Breast augmentation Gainesville, FL procedures are helpful for mild cases but it is not as effective for severe cases because it does not alter the way in which the breast tissue is compressed.

Moderate Corrective Breast Surgery

A donut mastopexy can be helpful in most circumstances because it enhances the actual contour of the breast. During this procedure, a donut shaped amount of skin from the areola is removed to improve the appearance of the areola and frees up the underlying breast tissue so it can form a more natural breast shape.

Severe Tuberous Breast Syndrome

If you need significant results, you may need a surgery performed in multiple stages. Patients who have little skin under their breasts will need to have an expander inserted, which will gradually expand the skin. During the second part of the surgery, your Gainesville plastic surgery specialist will perform a mastopexy, perform an augmentation and internal scoring, which weakens the tight tissue at the base of your breast.

Side Effects

Your recovery following corrective breast surgery is dependent on the type of procedures that were performed. Typically, patients can expect to experience minor discomfort for about three to four days and will have to miss work for about one or two weeks. Patients may also need to wear a surgical support bra for one week and abstain from any physical activity.

Gainesville Breast Surgery

Women who suffer from tuberous breast syndrome may experience issues with low self esteem and dissatisfaction with their breasts. However, with the right plastic surgeon, you can regain confidence and satisfaction in your body. It is vital that you choose a plastic surgeon who knows how to treat tuberous breast syndrome or your results will be less that satisfactory. Whether you need breast implants in Gainesville, FL, or another type of corrective breast surgery, Dr. Richard Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith have plenty of training and experience to provide you with a preferred outcome and help to hide any scars. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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