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Botox cosmetic injections

Most popular Botox treatments

Some people say that the lines on our face signify how often we’ve laughed, smiled, worried or cried over the years. And while laugh lines were formed from years of joy and happiness, they can make us appear older, accentuate sagging skin and even give the impression that we’re angry or tired.

It’s nearly impossible to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with them until the very end. With a plethora of plastic surgery procedures you can achieve a younger appearance without going under the knife. Botox injections are our most popular, non-invasive procedure.


Botox cosmetic injections in Gainesville

At Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center, we understand that looks are important. Certain industries place a heavy importance on employees having young, smooth skin, and some careers are built around appearances.

We also understand the frustration of appearing older than you are, or older than you feel, and the negative effects these feelings can have on your everyday confidence. And deep-set wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other facial lines can leave even the most advanced makeup artist struggling to maintain a polished appearance. Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and even lipstick can settle in lines and wrinkles, making them appear more obvious than they really are.

If you’re fed up with these daily reminders of aging, then contact our plastic surgery center in Gainesville to discuss how Botox cosmetic treatments can leave you looking and feeling younger.


Botox injections to smooth your skin

Botox is the most commonly used non-surgical procedure in the United States. It is a safe and easy procedure that can smooth wrinkles and deep-set lines, leaving you looking younger. There is no downtime, and patients may return to work after the procedure.

Dr. Nesmith uses tiny injections of Botox cosmetic in any of the trouble areas, such as around the eyes (crow’s feet), between the eyebrows (frown lines), on the forehead (worry lines), on the neck, and around the mouth. As we age, we often get fine lines near the lips and deep worry lines around the mouth, both of which can be softened with Botox cosmetic injections.

Botox is effective because it relaxes the muscles that form these wrinkles and lines over the years. The relaxing agent can also help prevent these lines from returning with regular injections as the underlying skin and tissue have a chance to rebound.

Botox also has non-cosmetic benefits that can help improve a person’s health. People who suffer from migraines, excessive sweating, and jaw pain may find relief with Botox cosmetic injections. If you’re suffering, call a Gainesville plastic surgeon and see if Botox can help relieve your pain.


Possible side effects

As with many plastic surgery procedures, Botox cosmetic injections are associated with some risks and side effects such as:
  • Dry mouth
  • Mild pain at the injection site
  • Mild swelling
If you experience advanced side effects, contact the Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center immediately.


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