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Professional Skin Care Treatments


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At Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center in Gainesville, we are committed to helping our patients look and feel their best, with or without a surgical intervention. As part of our non-surgical side of the practice, we offer in-house, professional skin care services.

We feel this is important because we understand that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and that proper care is important to overall health and wellness. We also know that the skin is the first place where signs of aging appear. Whether wrinkles or uneven pigmentation are your concern, we have customized treatments that can address these problems and more.
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Improve the health of your skin

If you are like most people, then you notice imperfections in your skin but have never actually been taught how to address your concerns. Often, our patients describe feeling overwhelmed and uninformed about which products to buy to help their skin condition. They end up with excessive amounts of products with which they are unhappy.

Our professional skin care specialist in Gainesville takes time to educate our patients about which products to use. We customize each regimen based on the patient’s schedule and/or budget. We feel that a skin care regimen can only be effective if it is actually user-friendly and appropriately prescribed.

We offer various skin care products from a small variety of skin care lines including but not limited to:
  • Revision
  • Theraderm

We have selected these products because we use them ourselves, and we believe in the quality of the products.

Aside from skin care products, our combination of professional in-office treatments and customized products for home use is a highly effective way to maximize your skin’s health and appearance.

Medical-grade skincare products are FDA regulated products, often marked as pharmaceuticals. They can only be sold by establishments that operate under a physician’s license. By law, products must have 99.9% pure active ingredients and must be clinically proven to be effective in order to be considered “medical-grade”. A higher amount of pure, active ingredients equates to a more potent formula and faster, more dramatic results. Medical-grade skincare products deeply penetrate the skin, enabling changes deep in the dermis. A trained medical professional or aesthetician examines your skin and prescribes/selects products that will adequately address your concerns.


Professional exfoliation treatments

Exfoliation is a natural process which involves the shedding of dead skin cells. Our bodies do this naturally, but as we age this process slows. If you think about a baby’s skin and how smooth it is, that is a prime example of natural exfoliation at its peak.

When the rate at which our cells turn over slows, the skin appears lackluster and often unevenly pigmented. When this happens, a highly effective treatment option is a professional exfoliation via chemical peel.

Because each skin condition reacts differently to different chemicals, we offer a variety of peels to remove dead or dry skin. These body treatments are healthy and customizable for a wide variety of skin conditions.
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