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Nesmith Plastic Surgery is the preferred plastic surgery practice in
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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words BEFORE & AFTER GALLERY


We're the premier Florida center for plastic surgery in Gainesville. Our family history is here and we know that people have many different reasons for choosing plastic surgery. We also have the experience, expertise, and Board certifications to deliver unparalleled results.

You Won't Compromise on Quality of Care

From dermal fillers to 360 Lipo, you refuse to compromise when it comes to results and quality of care. Dr. Richard Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith have deep roots in the Gainesville area and are 100% committed to serving each and every patient as the unique individual they are.

Whether you are a mom who wants a tummy tuck after completing her family or a bartender who knows the economic value of having a great look, we understand and work with you so you get the results you want. Unlike a few decades ago, plastic surgery today is for women and men from all backgrounds and in all lines of work. You don’t have to be a movie star to want to look your best every day. That’s why we offer premium services by Board certified surgeons including:

  • Breast Enhancement
  • Body Sculpting 
  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Non-Invasive Procedures

We offer financing programs and believe that everyone deserves to look their best. So what are you waiting for? You can call and schedule a consultation today!


Soccer Mom, Exotic Dancer, or TV Sportscaster: We Understand Your Needs

Dr. Richard Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith both went to UF, so they know the wonderfully diverse population of Gainesville and surrounding areas. They also understand the tremendous effect that carefully tailored plastic surgery can have on a person’s confidence, regardless of occupation or background.

It makes sense to choose your Florida center for plastic surgery in Gainesville with the power of information. This is our home too, and we’re happy when our patients realize their goals! We work with our patients with the benefits of

  • A state-of-the-art surgery facility
  • Board certification and extensive experience in all types of plastic surgery
  • A staff that reflects our commitment to excellence

Maybe you have thought about plastic surgery or wondered if it is right for you. Just remember that you can’t put a price on the confidence that comes from knowing you look your best every day. And we know how to help you do that.

Maybe It's Time to Take That First Step

Investing in yourself makes sense in today's economic environment. Like it or not, our appearance affects our confidence and willingness to reach further in life.

Whatever your concerns about your face or body, we understand and are happy to discuss them with you. We can go over all your options and help you come to the best decision for you.

Step 1: We listen to you to understand your wants and needs
Step 2: We discuss the options available to you
Step 3: We are there for you if you decide that plastic surgery is right for you.

There is only one "you", and we respect that. Our goal is to help you gain confidence and to ensure that you are happy with your results. That's why we are the premier Florida center for plastic surgery in Gainesville. Why not give us a call today?

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