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Fresher Looks, Higher Confidence, Zero Downtime? Yes, Please!

Facial cosmetic procedures don’t always require a scalpel, stitches, or downtime. Lip injections in Gainesville, FL can make more of a difference than many people realize. It doesn’t matter if you’re a TV presenter, an exotic dancer, or an attorney ready to slay in the courtroom. When you look better, that subtle boost of confidence helps you do your job better.

The days are long gone when enhancing your facial features meant invasive surgery and weeks of recovery. Though men and women alike still have rhinoplasty, facelifts, and other facial surgeries, today there are less-invasive options available.

With the right needles and either fillers or substances like Botox, today’s facial plastic surgeon can help you wake up every day looking better, fresher, and more confident. To get the best results, your surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your features and suggest ways to improve your looks without having actual surgery.

Lip injections and lip fillers in Gainesville should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. After all, every face is unique. While fillers may be the preferred solution for some patients, a “lip flip” with a few strategically placed Botox injections may work better for others. Getting it right means working with a facial plastic surgeon armed with the right products and the right experience. 

How Lip Injections with Fillers Work

Lip injections increase the volume of your lips. Typically, the fillers consist of a substance called hyaluronic acid. This is not a foreign substance, but something that your body contains already.

When your practitioner injects lip fillers into your lips, the hyaluronic acid “pumps up” your lip’s volume, resulting in a fuller, poutier look. But there is no single “cookie-cutter” method of injecting lip fillers. Every patient’s lips are different, and every patient’s goals are different.

Unlike plastic surgery, lip injections do not give permanent results. FDA-approved lip injections of Juvederm XC can last for up to 12 months. Many patients find the trade-off of zero downtime and touch-up lip injections every 12 months or so to be the best choice for their needs.

Before Juvederm XC, many people had collagen injections in their lips to enhance lip volume. However, collagen injections had disadvantages. For one thing, patients would have to repeat lip injections every three months or so to maintain their look. For another, a small fraction of patients experienced allergic reactions to the bovine collagen that was used.

Juvederm, however, contains lidocaine and thus offers localized pain relief. The results are smooth and natural looking because of Juvederm’s smooth consistency and smaller molecules. And Juvederm lip injections can often be done in less than 15 minutes, with immediate results!
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Why People Choose Lip Fillers

Sun damage, smoking, and the general effects of aging can change the lips’ appearance. Lips may appear smaller or flatter, and many people develop wrinkles around the mouth as they get older.

Some people also have asymmetrical lips and would like them to be more similar in size and appearance. Lip fillers restore or increase lip volume, and in the hands of a skilled facial plastic surgeon, they can make a noticeable difference in appearance and confidence.

When you choose to get lip fillers in Gainesville, FL, you’re in good company! Did you know that in 2018, healthcare providers in America performed over 2 million lip filler procedures? The technology is well-established and proven to quickly deliver results that last for around a year.

The results of lip fillers are noticeable but subtle. The look is more “I woke up this way” and less “I had plastic surgery.” Women and men from all walks of life find the improvements empowering, even when they don’t have a profession that puts them in the public eye. 

Other Types of Lip Injections in Gainesville, FL

Lip fillers are not the only type of lip injections people choose to improve their looks and boost their confidence. Lip injections with Botox can give many people the exact look they want without fillers.

Botox lip injections work by blocking specific chemical signals from nerves. These signals are ones that cause muscles to contract. In other words, Botox relaxes certain muscles, depending on where it is injected.

You may have heard of the Botox “lip flip,” which is an example of using Botox to enhance the lips and smile. This procedure uses Botox to relax a small part of the muscle surrounding the lips called the orbicularis oris. These strategic Botox lip injections allow the upper lip to slightly “flip” upwards, which gives a poutier, more youthful look.

Don’t trust just any practitioner to perform Botox lip injections. A Board-certified facial plastic surgeon knows exactly how much Botox to use and where to place it for optimal results. The results of this type of lip injection take a few days to become apparent, as the affected parts of the muscle relax fully.

Why People Choose Botox
Lip Injections in Gainesville

A person may be happy with the volume of their lips, yet still wish to have an enhanced smile. An experienced practitioner can not only enhance the upper lip with Botox but can help the outer edges of the lip curve upward, giving the smile a more pleasant, rested look.

Regardless of the type of lip injections you select, it is important to trust the procedure to professionals who not only know the anatomy of the lips but also have the necessary experience to know what type of lip injections will produce the desired results.

Millions of people have enjoyed greater confidence and an enhanced appearance by having lip injections. In Gainesville, Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center offers lip injections and lip fillers tailored to each patient’s features and goals.

Changing your look can give you the confidence you need to be a better teacher, banker, dancer, model, or retiree. And you don’t always have to have invasive surgery to get the look you want. Lip fillers and other lip injections have made a positive difference for millions of people. Dr. Nesmith would be delighted to help you achieve the look you want.

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