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Woman With Breast Lift

The elasticity of a woman’s breasts fluctuates over time and drastically reduces after pregnancy, weight loss or natural aging. This loss of elasticity results in drooping or sagging breasts — also known as ptosis. Although breasts of any size are subject to sagging, heavy-chested women may notice sagging more due to the amount of breast tissue affected.

Dr. Nesmith skillfully performs three types of breast lifts in Gainesville to give patients youthful, perky breasts and a healthy dose of confidence.

Breast Lift Techniques

Circumareolar Lift

A Circumareolar Lift is a type of breast lift or mastopexy that addresses small, sagging breasts. Women with small breasts require a smaller breast lift; this breast lift reshapes a minimal amount of breast tissue. Dr. Nesmith creates small incisions around the patient’s areolas to rearrange tissue and tighten breast tissue to lift the breast. A Circumareolar Lift is also referred to as a Donut Lift as incisions are only made in a circular technique around the areola.

Anchor Lift

An Anchor Lift or traditional lift is necessary for large, severely drooping breasts. Dr. Nesmith creates the same incisions as those in the Lollipop Lift, with the addition of horizontal incisions under the breasts. The extra incisions are needed to remove or reshape large amounts of breast tissue necessary to adequately lift the breast.

Lollipop Lift

A Lollipop Lift is carried out by creating areolar incisions and vertical incisions from the nipples down to the creases below the breast. This breast lift type is very common in average breast-size women and may also be called Vertical Mastopexy.

Determining The Right Breast Lift For You

Before your breast lift surgery, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Nesmith to assess your medical history, breast concerns and aesthetic goals. Patients with small breasts that exhibit slight ptosis benefit from a circumareolar lift. However, if your breasts are of moderate size and drooping from pregnancy or weight loss, a lollipop lift may be ideal. For our patients with very large breasts and a dramatic level of ptosis, an anchor lift is necessary.

With a thorough understanding of your goals, Dr. Nesmith will help you determine the type of breast lift or breast augmentation surgery capable of giving you the best outcome. Note that many women seeking breast augmentation require a breast lift to raise the nipple and tissue so that the breast implants do not look misplaced. Therefore, Dr. Nesmith skillfully creates individualized treatment plans if additional procedures are required, such as breast implant augmentation or breast reconstruction. At our Gainesville plastic surgery center, we thrive on our dedication to patient satisfaction and optimal patient health.

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