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The Mini Facelift

A mini facelift generally targets the lower third of the face with the goal of tightening or removing excess skin around the chin, jawline, and neck (often referred to as “jowls”). As you get older, the lower-third area of your face can become prone to showing signs of aging. Saggy skin and early jowls are common in patients of all ages, and a mini facelift is a perfect procedure to correct those issues.
  • A mini facelift targets the lower third of your face (around your chin and jawline).
  • As we age, our skin will begin to sag and cause jowling.
  • A mini facelift is perfect for stopping early signs of aging including jowling, 


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Tighter skin, better neckline,
and more youthful appearance

The procedure lifts and smooths the facial contours for more distinction in the lower face and neck. Hanging skin under your chin and around your neck is lifted to create a tighter, smoother, and attractive chin, neck, and jawline. The mini facelift can have a shorter recovery period with less downtime than a full facelift. In the right patient, a mini facelift is a more affordable and more comfortable alternative to the traditional facelift procedure.
  • A traditional facelift will have a longer recovery period.
  • The mini facelift gets results with a shorter recovery period and smoother procedure.
  • This option is more affordable than the traditional full facelift.

Fight Jowling

As you age, your skin will begin to jowl. Jowling is the sagging skin below your chin connected to your neck. It is inevitable as you age and, unfortunately, it can occur at an earlier age than the rest of your face. With years of gravity pulling on your skin, it's natural that it will begin to hang along the jawline, at the sides of the chin, and below your chin. With a mini facelift, the skin can be easily adjusted to make your jowls and neck smoother and wrinkle-free.
  • Jowling and general aging of the lower face occurs along the jawline, at the sides of the chin, and below your chin.The skin of the neck can become loose and lack a youthful appearance.
  • Unfortunately, this happens to everyone as we age. It is natural. However, we can reverse these signs of aging and turn back the clock to a more youthful appearance.
  • A mini facelift will remove early jowling and allow your skin to be tighter and more comfortable.

How long does a mini facelift last?

Short scar facelift
Any facelift procedure, on your full face or just the lower-third, provides long-term results. The mini facelift can last ten years (or potentially longer). The time it lasts for each patient will vary depending on your health habits and genetics. It is a surgical change to the skin and tissue around your neck, chin, and jawline.

The goal of any procedure on the face is to reverse the signs of aging—not to change the way you look. We want people to notice that you appear younger and more refreshed. While we expect ten years, many patients have seen results that last for longer than ten years.
  • Both the full and mini facelift procedures provide long-term results.
  • While each patient is different, the mini facelift typically lasts 10 years.
  • Some patients continue to see results for longer than 10 years.
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What does a mini facelift include?

  • General or local anesthesia
  • small incisions around your ears and hairlinesS
  • Tissues are lifted and repositioned
  • Sutures to close incisions

How is a mini facelift done?

To begin, you and your surgeon will decide which anesthesia option is best for your procedure (local or general). When the surgery begins, the surgeon will start with small incisions around your ears and hairline. From there, the process of lifting and pulling up your skin can begin. Excess skin and tissue will be removed, and the area around your chin and jawline will tighten, become smoother, and fit your natural face shape. Sutures will be used to close the small incisions. Because the procedure is smaller and less taxing on your body, your recovery time will likely be short.
  • The surgeon will use either local or general anesthesia.
  • The procedure will begin with small incisions around your ears and hairline.
  • The excess skin and tissue will be removed or lifted up.
  • The surgeon will use sutures to cover your small incisions.

Is a mini facelift worth it?

If you're looking to get smoother skin and remove the excess, aged skin from your chin and jawline area, and wanting to avoid jowling: yes! The surgery provides results for around a decade with a short and easy recovery period. Especially if the skin around your chin and jawline are in the early stages of aging, this option will provide affordable and efficient results.

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The risks of getting a mini facelift

The risks that come with a mini facelift are minimal. Because it is a surgical procedure, you should expect slight swelling, bruising, and soreness. These side effects typically go away quickly. Some patients have seen side effects disappear in a few days, while some may take a week.

We encourage you to stop smoking 4 weeks before and after the procedure and to stop taking blood-thinning medications before the procedure. Please talk to your medical doctor before making changes to your medications.

  • Risks include short-term swelling, bruising, soreness.
  • Some patients have side-effects for only 24 hours but can last up to a week.
  • Rare side-effects include possible bleeding or infections.

A mini facelift could change your life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nesmith.

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