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Breast Revision

Breast revision procedures can correct issues with an implant or improper sizing.

There are several reasons why patients elect to undergo breast revision surgery in Gainesville, FL. Some choose to alter the size or shape of their breasts while others require corrective surgery to address problems with the implants or correct issues stemming from the original augmentation surgery. No matter the reason, Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center can provide patients with the care and understanding needed when revisiting a procedure. Dr. Richard Nesmith, a talented and professional plastic surgeon in Gainesville, FL has performed many breast revision surgeries for patients in the North Central Florida region.

Breast Revison in Gainesville, FL

Breast revision is not a procedure to be taken lightly. Dr. Richard Nesmith and the staff at Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center strive for perfection with each procedure so that patients do not require revisions. We place a lot of importance on initial consultations because we want to get it right the first time, every time. Still, there are times when a patient wants to change the size or shape of their implants after they have gotten used to the implants. We also see patients who have procedures performed by other doctors and centers and who want to correct an issue that arose or a complication may have occurred. In order to ensure that we can address the issue you have with your current implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Nesmith or Dr. Brad Nesmith.

Common Reasons for Breast Revision

One of the most common reasons we see with patients who elect breast revision surgery is to increase the size of their breast implants. While that can be done, the additional scarring and surgeries can take a toll on the body, so it’s important that patients are in good health and have very specific expectations for results. Repeated breast enlargement surgeries are not advised, so we strive to ensure you love your breasts the first time around. Dr. Richard Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith are able to correct implants inserted by other doctors, so if you aren’t satisfied with your implants, contact us immediately.

More serious issues may be the reason for your breast revision procedure. Leaking implants, implants that have shifted in their positioning and implants that have rippled can cause pain and discomfort. We want to address the issues as soon as possible to prevent further risks, so contact us if you’ve experienced any of these implant issues.

Scar tissue that does not form properly may be the cause to discomfort or shifting implants. Sometimes, scar tissue tightens as it forms, placing pressure on the implant. This can cause a leak, rupture, rippling and displacement of the implant. It can also cause pain for the patient. Breast revision surgery can correct the newly formed scar tissue and realign the implant.

It doesn’t happen often, thanks to the advancement of implants and the body sculpting and contouring procedures, but asymmetrical breasts can be the result of a breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery. If your breasts are asymmetrical, Dr. Richard Nesmith or Dr. Brad Nesmith can help through new implants, replacing one implant, or using better contouring techniques such as fat grafting to even the shape, size and look of your breasts.

The size, shape and look of your breasts may change due to weight fluctuation. Women who become pregnant may experience a significant increase in their breast size which could become uncomfortable and result in neck, shoulder and back pain. Women who have implants and have lost a significant amount of weight may experience sagging or displaced implants. Both of these scenarios should be considered before you get implants, but if you’ve experienced discomfort due to weight gain or loss, then we can help through breast revision surgery.

What to Expect During Breast Revision Surgery

The additional surgery on your body can be a more complex procedure and cause more stress than the first procedure. Because of this, the doctors make sure that each patient is a good candidate for breast revision surgery through a thorough consultation.

There can be some concerns for patients undergoing revision surgeries. Scar tissue that wasn’t present for the initial procedure may provide a challenge, and the new scar tissue that forms carries the same risks as in the initial procedure. The overall surgery is similar to the original augmentation or reconstruction surgery, but other methods may be required. For example, a breast lift or fat transfer may be needed to get the desired results from a breast revision surgery. Dr. Richard Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith can provide further details on specific breast revision surgeries during a consultation as each patient is unique.

Recovery from breast revision surgery is usually a shorter time period than what patients experience after an initial procedure. However, the doctor may implement a longer recovery time to ensure that significant revisions repair and heal properly.

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