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Low-risk breast enhancements

Form-stable implants, commonly referred to as gummy bear implants or cohesive gel-filled implants, are among the most popular types of breast implants. These highly cohesive implants are ideal for patients seeking a low-risk breast enhancement option that features a wide range of available sizes and offers long-lasting results. Gummy bear breast implants are used both in breast augmentation procedures as well as breast reconstruction surgery.

Nesmith Plastic Surgery Center offers a number of different breast implant shapes, sizes, and profiled to satisfy the diverse preferences and unique requirements of our patients. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Gainesville can help you determine which type of breast implant and breast plastic surgery will best help you achieve your aesthetic desires. For more information or to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation, contact us.

What are gummy bear implants?

Gummy bear implants, or cohesive gel breast implants, are constructed from highly cohesive gel silicone with a layered outer shell made from a dense silicone polymer. The unique characteristics of cohesive silicone gel offer a high degree of resiliency and the ability to maintain the original implant shape even in the case of perforation. 

Cohesive gel implants retain their shape against gravity and they deform less than silicone implants and saline implants when subjected to external pressure. Gummy bear breast implants result in a more predictable breast shape. These implants also offer greater durability than other implants and a reduced risk of capsular contracture. 

The implant’s unusual name is a result of its resemblance of consistency and resiliency with that of an edible gummy bear. In addition to cohesiveness, gummy bear implants are likewise popular because of the teardrop shape into which the implant is formed. These teardrop breast implants provide fullness at the bottom of the breast and a tapered tip at the top of the breast, mimicking the shape and appearance of the natural breast.


Advantages of gummy bear breast implants

There are a number of benefits associated with cohesive gel implants. Gummy bear implants are more likely to maintain their shape over time than other types of breast implants due to their highly cohesive and form-stable composition. Gummy implants have a textured outer shell, which makes them less likely than saline or silicone implants to fold, ripple, or migrate. Cohesive silicone gel implants have a reduced likelihood of leakage due to their stable composition.

If a rupture occurs with the gummy bear implants, the cohesive gel filling does not migrate outside of the breast cavities. Gummy bear breast implants offer natural-looking breast enhancement, largely due to the implants’ teardrop shape. The occurrence of capsular contracture — a condition that occurs when fibrous scar tissue tightly forms around a breast implant — is less likely with gummy bear implants due to their unique characteristics.


Gummy bear implants before and after
Following gummy bear implant surgery, patients can expect a substantial degree of enhancement to the look and feel of their breasts as well as the firmness and tone of the breast skin and tissue. These natural-looking breast implants provide volume and lift to the breasts in a manner that complements the natural form and figure of the body. Patients can enjoy their rejuvenated bustline without having to worry about folding, creasing, or other types of complications.

Cohesive gel implants provide a natural breast shape, minimize the risk of complications, and provide a greater degree of safety should the implant become compromised over time. 
Dr. Richard L. Nesmith and Dr. Brad Nesmith receive a high level of patient satisfaction from gummy implant surgery and patients enjoy long-lasting benefits and enduring aesthetic results. View the gallery to see gummy bear implants before and after photos.

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Saline breast implants vs. gummy bear implants

Gummy bear implants typically cost significantly more than saline implants, which are among the least expensive options for breast augmentation and breast lift with implants. Saline implants both feel and appear much firmer than gummy bear implants. Our Gainesville plastic surgeons insert into the breasts saline implants while they are deflated and then fill them with saline to the ideal size and volume — this allows for a small-size incision and little scarring. Gummy bear implants are pre-filled and require larger incisions.

Silicone breast implants vs. gummy bear implants

Both saline and silicone breast implants typically come in a round shape, whereas gummy implants have a teardrop shape which most-closely mimics the shape of the natural breast. As such, gummy bear implants may appear more natural than other types of breast implants. Traditional silicone implants are less firm than gummy bear implants and they comprise higher risks both for capsular contracture and rupture leak than gummy implants. Contact our plastic surgery center to learn more about available implant types.

Recovering from gummy bear breast augmentation

Our plastic surgeon provides each patient with specific details regarding post-surgical care of the surgical sites to help ensure a successful recovery process. Gummy bear breast implants typically require a recovery period of approximately two months following breast implant surgery. 

Patients may experience pain and some swelling around the incision sites in the days and weeks after surgery. Pain medications and antibiotics may be prescribed prior to the procedure to help mitigate any pain after surgery and to reduce the likelihood of infection during recovery.

Instructions regarding care are provided during the initial consultation with our plastic surgeon — for more information call our clinic today.

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What to expect at your silicone breast implant appointment

Your breast augmentation surgery will last up to several hours depending on your unique circumstances. All patients are placed under general anesthesia for the surgery. Dr. Nesmith will create an incision to place your gummy bear implants or traditional silicone implants beneath the pectoralis muscle. Once your breast implants are positioned, Dr. Nesmith will close the incisions with sutures or surgical tape.

Risks of cohesive gel breast implants

While gummy bear implants produce noteworthy results, there are risks associated with this procedure as with each type of cosmetic plastic surgery. The risks associated with gummy implants are typically minimal — significant complications are infrequent. 
Potential risks associated with cosmetic surgery include the following:
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Surgical site infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Changes in sensation
  • Bleeding at surgical sites
  • Soreness and discomfort
  • Hematoma or seroma
  • Implant rupture
  • Excessive bruising
  • Rotation of implants

Risks and potential complications of surgery will be discussed during the initial consultation with our plastic surgeon.

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